Mining Industry

Mines are some of the harshest working environments for man and machine. Keeping machinery up and running is a necessity. Keeping the fluids that power the machinery clean is essential.

Mining Dragline and Shovel Operation Applications

Draglines are used in civil engineering and surface mining operations and are some of the largest pieces of heavy equipment built. The ropes and chains used to move the boom and bucket are powered by electric or diesel motors.

Open pit draglines and shovels operate in some of the most challenging and harsh environments in the world. Dust and dirt, as well as humidity, are a constant threat to the fluids and oils used in the gearboxes, swing cases, fuels and hydraulic systems. Dragline and shovel operators rely on oil analysis to alert operators to developing problems. Air Sentry® breathers are used as an integral part of the program to protect the equipment and keep the fluids clean and dry.

The best solution is the Air Sentry® XR-Sentry Breathers for extreme applications, where DUST, DIRT, MOISTURE and vibration are all part of the standard operating conditions.

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