Bulk Material Handling

Conveyor systems move large amounts of material around a facility on a daily basis. This material can create dust, which can get into the system’s oils and wreak havoc over time on equipment. Install an Air Sentry® breather to protect against oil degradation.

Bulk material handling terminals load, unload and store material such as coal, aggregate and ore. The Conveyor systems are used to move various materials. Each system is equipped with large drives, gearboxes and bearings that have oil and lubrication reservoirs. Air Sentry® breathers provide protection from airborne dust and moisture.

For extreme conditions, such as a bulk material facility where dust and dirt are a constant, we recommend the X-Series breathers for maintaining clean, dry oils and greases in your equipment. The X-Series breathers incorporate Check valves in the top cap to extend the life of the filter media and desiccant.

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