Fuel Storage Tank Applicationsmatrix-fluid
Whether in a small container or large holding tank, oils must be kept clean and dry. Air Sentry® breathers can protect stored fluids for an extended period of time while in storage to keep moisture and dirt out!

Fuel Storage tanks located indoors, outdoors and underground are subject to accumulations of moisture and dust though vent caps. The CLEANER the fuel, the more reliably it will perform when used.

Tanks store fuel for vehicles and equipment used at construction sites, shipyards, sawmills, petrochemical plants, rail yards, mines, quarries, manufacturing plants, etc. Outdoor Storage locations are subject to the extremes of the environment.

Local environmental regulations often mandate use of biodegradable fuels in order to protect ground water, should a leak occur in the underground Storage tanks.

Air flow requirements for all fuel storage tanks are complicated heavy vapors that are released by the fuels. These heavy vapors can overwhelm desiccant breathers in a short period of time. A bypass or shut off valve should be installed between the tank vent and the breather to allow the heavy vapors to escape to atmosphere, instead of through the breather.

At right, two Air Sentry® X-122 breathers are mounted on a manifold, as an example of the type of bypass or shut off valve that should be used. A two way valve permits heavy vapors to vent to atmosphere during the filling of the FUEL TANK . The X-series design allows the breather to only allow air movement as required by the tank, thus elongating the life of the silica gel when used on a storage tank. In many instances, fuels stored in underground storage tanks may sit for up to 2 years before being used or replaced.

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