matrix-windturbineWind Turbines
Wind Turbines harness the wind’s energy to protect the Earth’s natural resources. Using an Air Sentry® breather to protect the life of the oils in a wind turbine will conserve the oils in use.

The WIND ENERGY industry has grown substantially over the last few years. Protecting the planet’s natural resources is a growing desire for many. On a wind farm, windmills generate the electric power necessary. These windmills are powered by large gearboxes and hydraulic systems. Preventative maintenance on these systems is scheduled over long periods of time. Protecting the oils in the reservoirs and gearboxes is critical, not only because of the extended maintenance schedule, but also because replacing these oils creates a demand for more of the natural resources we are preserving.

Large gearboxes are use to position the windmills. Hydraulic systems change the pitch of the blades. Both systems work together to maximize the efficiency of the windmill and to shut down the windmill during storms.

Air Sentry® Guardian® breathers are the best solution for this application, allowing for extended time between maintenance intervals. The Guardian Series combines multiple Check Valve at top, exhausted air sent to atmosphere and an internal isolation Check Valve to eliminate any gear oil mist or splashing. It also has a metal reinforced plate molded into the bottom cap, to withstand VIBRATION. The XR-SERIES is the next best solution and combines the features of the XR-SERIES, incorporating check valves to allow air movement only when necessary, and the XR-SERIES, incorporating the metal reinforced base plate for high vibration. The Guardian and XR-SERIES have the added benefit of replacement desiccant Cartridges reducing the waste going into our landfills.

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